X-super Home Head Strap Compatitable for Oculus Quest 2 Accessories with Battery Pack Mount Bracket Enhanced Comfort and Extend Playtime Virtual Reality Headset

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Edition: Oculus Quest 2


  • 🆕【With Additional Power Bank Mount】: Designed for Oculus Quest 2, this ergonomic elite strap is the suitable accessory for your Quest 2 device.With the removable battery bracket,you can add your power bank on it and extends your playtime.No power anxiety anymore.(※NOTE: Power Bank was not included)
  • 🆕【Compatible with Various Sizes of Powerbank】: Applicable to mobile power supplies with width in the range of 50mm-80mm.
  • 🆕【Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR】: With the weight of the battery bank on the behind, which will helps distribute weight. Thereby alleviating the pressure on the player’s eyes.It's been designed to improve the balance and support of the headset, so you can stay immersed in VR without getting distracted by discomfort.
  • 🆕【Adjutable Sizes to Fits All】: Twist the rear fit wheel to create the perfect fit, No matter for a child or bigger head.Its thoughtful design means everyone gets a comfortable fit without a lot of re-sizing. Even better, every family member can have their own Elite Strap for a perfect fit every time!
  • 🆕【Easy Install and Disassemble 】We have promoted the installation step,You can easily attach our head strap to your Quest 2 device.Once located the buckle on the right place, just drag it to the position.
  • 📹 For more install details please watch the video or check our product document to make sure you install correctly.