VANMASS Universal Car Phone Mount,【Patent & Safety Certs】Upgraded Handsfree Stand, Dash Windshield Air Vent Phone Holder for Car, Compatible iPhone 11 Pro Xs Max XR X 8 7 6, Galaxy s20 Note 10 9 Plus

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Color: Black


  • 【Philosophy of Chief Designer】It's my star work among 100+ car holder designs, which recovers originally simple. Simplicity is a philosophy & joy & life attitude. Wish the simple product & service can please you. Expecting your opinions to grow my baby
  • 【Patented Multi-scene Design: Car/Desk/Kitchen/Bathroom/Gym】VANMASS car phone holder brings sticky suction cup & steel-cored vent clip from 3000+ surveys. Ideal present for your specials. Luxury look & structure was certified by RoHS, CP65, REACH
  • 【Original 4 Technologies- Thanks to Millions of Users' Voice】1) Extreme -40~194℉ Weather resistance from precious KING of plastic 2) Super suction power up to 44LBS 3)Extra pad for smooth surface 4)Steel-cored 3-Level Clip: 20X stable & durable
  • 【Millions of Users Preferred 0.96” Width Bottom Tray - Easy to Touch HOME button & Unlock screen & Plug charge cable】Upgraded from flimsy drop-down bottom tray, the solider & wider bottom tray can support any weight phone on the bumpy road
  • 【Luxury Present: Top-notch Configuration & Profound Package】Exquisite car phone mount (suction cup/vent clip/pad) is fully protected in Elegant & Eco-friendly box. V-shaped pattern on the package means Vibrant & Victory to you and your special one
  • Width of Clamp Arm: 2.2"-3.8" (Universal Phone Compability)
  • Depth of Phone Cradle: 0.7" (Thick Case Compatibility)
  • Length of Telescopic Arm: 5"-7.5"
  • Diameter of Suction Pad: 2.6" (Clean&Flat Spot without any gap/crack is required)
  • Height of Suction Base: 2.1"

Binding: Wireless Phone Accessory

Details: 仪表板/挡风玻璃车载手机支架通过简单的操作可以让您轻松驾驶。 安全安装 强力吸附带有安全锁定机制,确保紧密贴合大部分表面。 只需用水冲洗即可恢复粘性凝胶。 最佳观看效果 这款车载支架可完全调节,以获得最佳视角,其 360 度旋转球,底座和 360 度旋转球之间的两段颈部可调节。 高品质结构 仪表盘上支架的稳定性取决于带有粘性凝胶垫的超级吸盘和特殊设计的结构,以减少整体力量力。 所有车载手机支架经过 100 次跌落测试、高低温测试、加载测试、拉动测试和振动测试。 安装拆卸简单 调整伸缩臂所需的长度和角度。 拉下锁定杆,将支架锁定到位。 拉起锁定杆,拉动吸盘的拉环,取出方便。 广泛的兼容性 4.0英寸(约10.2厘米)- 6.0英寸(约15.2厘米)宽和0.78英寸(约2.0厘米)深锁定范围适合带厚水獭的大手机。 兼容大多数手机,包括 iPhone、Samsung、Sony、Google、LG、HTC、Blackberry 等。 保修 每个 VANMASS 车载手机支架均享受一年售后保修 规格 包装:6.2 × 4.0 × 5.6 英寸(150 × 80 × 90 毫米) 净重:7.8 盎司(220 克) 包装清单: 夹臂 × 1 手机边框×1 用户手册 × 1

Package Dimensions: 4.9 x 4.6 x 3.7 inches