Tenergy Smart Battery Charger for NIMH/NICD AA/AAA/C/D/9V Batteries, LCD Universal Rechargeable Battery Charger with Automatic Charge/Discharge Function & 5V USB Port for Digital Devices

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Brand: Tenergy


  • Universal charger - The Tenergy T9688 smart universal battery charger can charge up to four batteries all with differing sizes such as AA/AAA/C/D cells. It has two individual channels for 9V batteries.
  • Easy to use - It has an automatic charging current selection for different sized batteries for ease of use. With an automatic charge and discharge function, this intelligent battery charger streamlines usability for the everyday user.
  • Advanced safety protections - There is a number of safety features built in to the T9688 smart rechargeable battery charger. It has a safety timer control for overcharge protection, short circuit protection, non-rechargeable/bad cell detection, mechanical protection, negative delta V cut-off function (except for 9V batteries). Rest assured knowing that you’re protected with the best that battery technology has to offer!
  • Smart LCD screen - At a glance, its backlight blue LCD screen is visible and shows clear notifications. It’s simple but smart interface screen provides charge, discharge, full and bad battery status. With battery icons that display capacity level, know when your batteries are fully charged and ready to be used.
  • Home applications - With so many charging options, the T9688 functions as the most comprehensive universal household battery charger. A built-in USB port (output: 5V DC 500mA) on the back side of the charger can power portable electronic devices for added convenience. Backed with a Tenergy 1 year warranty policy, continue to be powered by Tenergy.

Binding: Electronics

Details: Features
Recharges batteries in single or group - with 4 individual charging channels for AA/AAA/C/D batteries and 2 individual channels for 9V batteries
Built-in USB outlet (output: 5V DC 500mA) - recharge and power up your personal digital devices (e.g. mobile phones , iPod, MP3/MP4, PDA, portable game devices etc.)
Automatic charge and discharge function
Powered by an external AC adaptor (100-240V AC) for worldwide use
Intelligent microprocessor controlled
Automatic charging current selection for the different size of batteries
Unique designed with blue Electric LCD screen to indicate the battery status: Charge, Discharge, Full, Bad
With backlight button - press it once and the backlight will turn on for 10 seconds under trickle charging mode

Safety Features
With negative delta V (- ∆V) cut-off function (except for 9V batteries)
With safety timer control for overcharge protection
With short circuit protection
With non-rechargeable/bad cell detection
With mechanical protection against reverse polarity

Input: 12V DC 1000mA (use with the suppl ied AC adaptor)
Charge current:
- AAA-500mA
- AA/C/D - 1300mA
- 9V -30mA
USB output: 5V DC 500mA
Discharge current: AA/AAA/C/D - 400mA
Detect method: Negative delta V (- ∆V) cut-off for AA/AAA/C/D size batteries

- Charge NiMH type batteries and higher capacity C and D size NiCd batteries. AA NiCd batteries are not recommended to be charged on this charger.
- Batteries may leak or explode, causing personal injury if inserted improperly, mixed with other battery types while charging.
- The USB socket will be ready for use only when charging is completed or there is no battery in the charging compartment. Make sure the maximum loading does not exceed 500 mA for the USB socket.
- Do not disassemble the charger.

Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 6.0 x 3.5 inches