EBL Charger and Batteries Set - 8Slot LCD Independent Battery Charger and AA Batteries 2800mAh (4Pcs) & AAA 1100mAh Rechargeable Batteries (4Pcs)

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Brand: EBL


  • Individual Rechargeable Battery Charger: EBL universal LCD AA AAA C D battery charger, independent charging channels, 8 bays for 1/2/3...7/8 pieces AA/AAA Ni-Mh rechargeable batteries or 4 slots for 1/2/3/4 pieces C/D Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.
  • Super Fast Charging Technology - 1Pcs AA/AAA/C/D Ni-MH Batteries Charging Time Cable: AAA 800-1100mAh 0.8-1.2hours; AA 2300-2800mAh 2.5-3hours; C 5000mAh 2.7hours; D 10000mAh 5.5hours. Charging faster than other name-brand LCD Charger.
  • LCD Display: Smart LCD screen indicates the whole charging process for the AA AAA batteries and C D rechargeable batteries.
  • Safety Guarantee: Advanced MCU control and -∆V function, over-heat and over-current protection, short-circuit protection, non-rechargeable and defective battery detection.
  • Super Capacity: 2800mAh AA 1.2Volt & 1100mAh AAA 1.2Volt Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, the highest capacity on Amazon. With Battery storage case, easy and convenient for taking on the go.

Binding: Electronics

Details: Features of Charger
Compatible with
EBL-C9008TC can charger 8 pieces of AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries or 4 pieces of C/D Ni-MH batteries freely.
Both types of batteries can be charged at the same time.

Super Fast Charging Technology
Input: DC 5V/2A (MAX)
Output: DC 1.2V (NO-LOAD)
AA: 900mA, AAA: 900mA
C: 1800mA, D: 1800mA

Working Environment Condition
Working temperature: 0℃ - 35℃
Storage temperature: -10℃ -50℃
Surface temperature of Charger: 35℃-80℃
Surface temperature of Battery: 25℃-60℃

Upgraded Independent Cycle Tech
The Battery Charger can charge 1-8 Ni-MH AAA/AA rechargeable batteries or 1-4 Ni-MH C/D rechargeable batteries respectively.

Intelligent Auto-detection Technology
Our Charger can Intelligently auto-detect batteries' status.
Faulty or Incompatible battery will be indicated by LCD display with "ERROR".

Two Charging Ways - More Convenient
Plus one more Type C input port on charger. More User friendly!
It improves your charger more adaptability. This design gives you more choices to fulfill your batteries.

Features of Batteries
High performance, up to 1,200 rechargeable cycles.
Precharged 15%~20% of capacity by solar energy. Could be used when you get it.
Excellent charge/discharge performance, the batteries will keep a high quality after 3-5 times charge & discharge when used in the first time or long time no used.
Great for high power demand devices such as digital camera, children' toys and so on.

Package Dimensions: 9.3 x 5.1 x 2.0 inches