Webcam Stands & Mounts

Using Webcam Stands to Display Pictures on Your Computer

Webcam stands are an excellent way to improve your online video conferencing experience, but why not take it one step further? Are you somebody who travels a lot to get where you are going? Do you prefer the cam fixed behind your computer desk, or would you rather have a portable position or spot light-based cam fixed to a stand that you can move around with relative ease? Once you've decided to go with a web cam, you'll need to decide what sort of stand to buy.

Webcam Stands


There are two main types of Webcam Stands: Tripod and Brushed. If you're on a budget, then you should probably skip out on the Tripod Mount. Tripod mounts are stationary, so all you'll be doing is keeping your Webcam steady and pointing in the right direction. They are inexpensive, but they aren't very flexible or useful.


If you're more interested in flexibility, then consider Webcam Stands with Clamp or Riser Mounts. These come in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations. For instance, some have a small stubby base, while others feature a long, sturdy rigid arm. The rigid arm style is probably the most convenient for travelers, as it allows you to tilt and swivel the camera from any angle to keep from having to deal with the camera lens getting in the way. The Webcam Stands with clamp mounts are typically more expensive, though


Webcam Stands with Riser Mounts are a good option for people who tend to move around a lot. These type of stands have a small stubby base that extends out, allowing you to erect a tripod-type camera that has an effective holder on the stand's side. Some Webcam Stands with Riser Mounts come with a camera-ready clip, so you don't need any special equipment to get started. The downside is that you will likely have to tether the stand to some sort of support structure to keep the camera stable.


Webcam Stands with Tripod Stands are another great option. These are tripod stands that also feature a flat surface for your Webcam to rest on. Because the tripod stand comes with the camera attached, this kind of stand is best used for shooting video. However, these can also be good for using the stand to shoot still photos. These are by far the most versatile of all the tripod stands, and they are usually the most affordable as well. Most Webcam Stands with Tripod Stands will have a swivel ball bearing which allows for the camera to be swiveled left to right to left without having to reposition the camera itself.


The final type of Webcam Stands is the clamshell mounting. This Webcam Stand is like the tripod stand, but instead of being a clamp, it is simply a box shaped piece that fits over and on top of the cam. There are two advantages to using this kind of Webcam Stand. First, it provides a more stable base for the cam to sit on, since the entire thing is basically a box. Second, it makes it much easier to move the webcam from one location to another. This is the best Webcam Stands for when you really want to be able to move your webcam around easily and without having to worry about it hitting the ground or anything else.


Webcam Stands that attach to a computer keyboard are the most popular variety of stands. These are called Webcam Stand Clamps and they are typically very affordable and easy to use. The most basic of these Webcam Stands, which is the simplest, simply clips onto the computer monitor with a simple click of a button. However, there are many more advanced varieties of stands that allow for either wired or wireless Internet connections and even allow for cameras to be hooked up to computers that do not have built in Webcam lighting. This type of Webcam Light Stand is the most versatile and, often times, the most recommended type of stand to use when using a webcam.


The Webcam Stands that attach to a computer via a clamp are called a tripod stand. The advantage of a tripod stand over any other Webcam stand type is the fact that it allows for the user to more easily move the camera around without having to worry about it hitting the ground, etc. The biggest disadvantage of using a tripod stand is the fact that they are not very practical if the person using the camera wants to move around, take photos, etc. Another drawback to using a tripod stand is the fact that they are very bulky and not very portable - something that most people who are going to be using a Webcam are all too familiar with. Finally, some tripod stands will also need a specific type of cable to attach to an appropriate USB port on the computer.