Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile - The Perfect Phone for Your Needs

Virgin Mobile is a successful wireless communication brand utilized by over seven independent brand-licensing authorities around the world. Virgin mobile brand wireless services are currently available in Colombia, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Chile, Russia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Poland. In total, this carrier is used by more than six million mobile phone users in more than a dozen countries worldwide. This brand offers various plans and options for the people who are interested to buy cell phones. The coverage of Virgin mobile network is vast because they are network providers in more than one country.



Virgin mobile has prepaid and postpaid cellular phones with a lot of innovative features at affordable prices. The prepaid phones come in a variety of models such as, prepaid sim free phones and contract phones. Virgin mobile prepaid SIM free and contract mobile phones have made life easier for individuals and families. With these phones individuals can easily acquire an international SIM card, make local and long distance calls, buy minutes from a virtual card, pay bills online, get text messages, talk online or browse the web without worrying about overage charges and monthly bills. Virgin mobile has a zero-rate plan that helps reduce a person's financial burden and enables them to buy minutes when needed and pay monthly bills online with ease.


Virgin mobile services are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Individuals can activate their service online by visiting the website of the company, or by calling the 800 number that is listed on the phone. There is no extra cost for activation or service subscription. The cellular phone is provided at no additional cost.


Virgin mobile also has two prepaid plans namely, Virgin prepaid cards and Virgin postpaid cards. These prepaid cards come in different plans such as, cheap postpaid cell phone and the more expensive postpaid cellular phone. These prepaid cards have no connection fee and are good for a period of one month. Virgin postpaid cards have a lower activation fee than the prepaid cards. One has to top up the prepaid balance every thirty days and avail of free talk time or other services. In case of an emergency, the prepaid card can be used to call an 800 number that is provided by Virgin.


Virgin prepaid cards are available for purchase at the Company's store or at many outlets like supermarkets, electronic stores and supermarkets. Online ordering is also possible through the internet. One can also avail of special offers, such as free gifts and cash back schemes and discounts over various products and services. These promotional offers tend to increase the popularity of Virgin mobile. There are also plans that allow for free texts and calls abroad.


Virgin mobile phones come with different storage capacities. Some phones have built-in CD players and other MP3 Players. The Internet service comes in different plans, depending on the connectivity. Downloading services and games is also available through the mobile network. The handset comes with a SIM card that can be inserted into another phone with a normal SIM card.


This phone can be used to make calls to mobiles and landlines. It can also be used to make inbound and outbound calls to other prepaid phones. It has a Bluetooth feature and a web browser, which are similar to the iPhone.


Virgin mobile offers phones with a lot of exciting features. It is easy to download the music and here one can listen to it even while driving. They have high quality voice calling facilities, along with 3G technology. They have a large memory capacity and this is one of the reasons why they are preferred by families. Apart from this, the phones have a wide variety of preloaded images, games, music, games and movies, which can be downloaded easily.