Vehicle Backup Cameras

Vehicle Backup Cameras

Vehicle backup cameras are either a luxury or they're a worthy investment during tough economic times. A back up camera is simply a special kind of video camcorder, which is specifically made to help in the backing up of an automobile by being mounted to the back portion. These kinds of camcorders come with an optical scanner, flash and other features to properly record whatever's on the tape. There are two types of these devices - one is the built-in models and the other are the portable types. With the built-in type you'll get your digital back up camcorder built into the camera, whereas the portable kind needs additional add-ons like a flash drive or memory card.

Vehicle Backup Cameras


The built-in vehicle backup cameras usually have a night vision capability. This is very important especially if you live in an area that experiences poor or no lighting at night. If you can't see the vehicle in front of you, how are you going to see the other side? That's why having night vision capability is a must. These types of cameras usually have a built-in Indoor Infrared Light Emitting Diode (IR LED) that illuminates the target for the driver's eyes to see it in daylight.


On the other hand, there are portable vehicle backup cameras that come with their own Indoor Infrared Laser Light Emitting Diode (LED) which enables the operator to view the target even in low light conditions. Some of these back up cameras also have a night vision capability. There are two types of these devices - one is mounted on the vehicle itself and the other is installed on a license plate. Mounted cameras can be advantageous if you have a regular license plate and you want to monitor your car at night as well.


There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to license plate camera installation. For instance, this type of security device is relatively expensive compared to other security devices. The good thing about this type of vehicle backup cameras is that they have very good picture quality and they last for long periods of time. However, you should make sure that you install the camera correctly. This means that you should buy a camera that has its mounting system pre-assembled, so you don't have to do any additional work on the mounting system. If you try to install them on your own, you might encounter some camera installation problems which may prove to be quite costly.


Another disadvantage of license plate cameras is that they are not very waterproof. Although they are waterproof, their operating system is not. So even if the camera is installed properly, it won't work in wet weather condition. If you want your vehicle backup cameras to function in rainy or snowy weather conditions, you have to purchase waterproof kits that you can use for your cameras. These waterproof kits should be installed carefully on top of the car's windshield. Installation may be easier if you buy a kit from a reputable company.


On the other hand, some companies may offer you a two-way monitor if you purchase one of their vehicle rear view cameras. This kind of camera is useful if you want to have a dual monitor setup. You can use the rear view cameras to monitor your car from the driver's seat. Meanwhile, you can use the other monitor to check your car door jam. With this monitor, you will not miss an opportunity to rescue someone stuck in a jammed car door.


Besides using a rear view camera to monitor your vehicle, it is also possible to use other types of cameras for your vehicle backup cameras. For instance, you can use your rearview mirror as a monitor for your monitor system. In this case, you should install both the rear view mirror and the monitor to be able to monitor both your car and the driver who is driving your car. Some cameras today also come with video recorders.


There are lots of advantages to installing these kinds of cameras. You can definitely save money and time. By using such kinds of backup cameras, you will have extra back up in case of emergency. This will give you more peace of mind, especially if you are alone. Also, it will be easier to determine the cause of the problem when you have two or more cameras.