Vankyo Tablet

Everything You Need to Know About the Vankyo Tablet

Vankyo Tablet

Vankyo Tablet is a revolutionary tablet. Small but powerful: With an advanced Quad-core chipset, powerful multimedia features and a large, high-density, multi-touch screen, the 7 inch Vankyo Tablet gives you everything you need for engaging and enjoying your device. Native Android operating system: You'll enjoy the latest and greatest in Android operating system, including Google Now on your Vankyo Tablet. The innovative and cutting-edge nature of Android offers a number of amazing benefits, such as the ability to multitask and streamline your interactions with your device, as well as access to Gmail, docs and other apps. You can enjoy Android on your Vankyo Tablet with guaranteed results, thanks to the excellent screen and touch display, the large multi-touch keyboard and full QWERTY keyboard.


Android experience: With the Vankyo Tablet, you're getting the most from your Android experience. A tightly-clipped USB c port means that you can get quick, private, secure operation of your mobile device, no matter where it is in your vehicle. A fully-functional browser and excellent web browser, Google Maps, ensure that you can explore the internet and connect with your friends anywhere and everywhere. Additionally, you'll enjoy access to a variety of media sharing features and premium movie services, with support for Netflix, Hulu and others. The Vankyo Tablet delivers everything you need to stay connected, entertained and productive.


Amazing battery life: For a lot of people, a tablet isn't just something to look at - it's a lifestyle tool. You use your tablet when you're out and about doing work or even playing with it casually. That means you need an incredibly long battery life. The lanky s2110 inch digital pen tablets with capacitive multi-touch glass screen offers you plenty of time between charges, with a long, reliable charge time of up to eight hours. In between those charges, you'll also get plenty of bright hours of screen viewing pleasure, so you won't be tired even after a whole day of using your tablet.


Powerful processor: Equipped with an advanced dual-core processors, the lanky s 2110 inch tablet gives you the power you need to run the most demanding programs. It has two processing cores - one for graphics and one for processing speed. This ensures that your favorite apps run smoothly, with little delay. Additionally, the x 800 processor has been enhanced with two gigabytes of RAM, for an enhanced user experience. With two gigabytes of RAM, you get better power, faster start-up times, and superior memory performance. With four mega-pixels for graphics and two gigabytes of RAM, you'll have no problem playing high definition videos with your tablet.


Amazing camera performance: With a front and rear camera on the tablet, you get excellent picture quality. You'll see everything in greater clarity than before, even in lower resolution images. The front camera is also capable of HD video recording, which makes it ideal for amateur photographers. For those who want more features, the lanky has an optional lens mount adaptor, which can be connected to any camera model that uses the same camera interface.


Amazing connectivity options: Along with the powerful processor and stunning camera, the lanky tablet comes standard with quad-band GSM and CDMA/GPRS technology. This ensures that you can send and receive calls while travelling. If you travel with your tablet around in your carrier, the built-in GSM modem allows you to activate its location services to help you connect to a nearby base station even in places where cell phones aren't available.


Wireless connectivity is another highlight of the vankyo. A front and rear facing 5g WiFi antenna lets you access wireless internet anywhere in the room you're sitting, without having to use other devices or Bluetooth. With a dedicated 100MBE slot for the flash memory, the tablet's system tray enables you to quickly launch apps without waiting for the disk to spin up. A high definition camera lets you take photos and videos of yourself or others, easily sharing them with family and friends via e-mail, social media, or any other network.


The touch screen is large and easy to use, with a comfortable keyboard and large, bright icons providing access to all of the functions of the tablet. The larger display gives you more room to view your documents or other content. A high-speed processor and strong battery allow you to enjoy for hours on end of active use. Plus, the powerful octa-core processor ensures you never get a slow start when starting up. For a full list of features and functions, visit the company's website.