Types of Stylus Pens and Their Features

What are styluses? Styluses are specialized writing instruments whose main purpose is to write with. Originally, a stylon (a flat, lightweight tentlike tube) covered with leather. A stylus was added to the top of the style which has a small ball or finger for writing. The earliest styluses had the name "stilet".



In writing, a stylus is simply a pen-shaped tool whose tips can be pressed on a flat surface, usually paper, to make various stylistic selections. Today, the term "stylus" refers only to the stylus itself. Today, a stylus can be made up of many different materials, each with different properties and functions. Some of the more common materials include; graphite, aluminum, plastic, silicone, and metal.


Why would someone want to use a stylus? Styluses are useful for many things from writing to sketching. Here are some examples of how they can help you. When writing quickly on a pad, such as when sketching a room or getting a family tree completed, a stilt allows your fingers to be placed at such a precise angle that it is nearly impossible to miss the written word. This increases focus and speed while simultaneously decreasing the possibility of making an error when writing.


Some styluses come equipped with a pen-like device which allows for writing without needing to have a finger tip. These are generally referred to as passive styluses. A well-known example of a passive style is the Cross-stitched Pen. These types of styluses are popular with students and other individuals who need a stylon with the ability to function without the use of a finger. The pen-like device comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but its most common form is a circle with a "pen" on the end.


Pen-like stylus pens are capable of providing full functionality and are usually very durable and rugged. They do not require the finger for writing since the entire mechanism is built into the pen. For those who need to have their finger free for other functions, full functionality can still be achieved through these types of stylus pens. Some examples of these pens include:


One type of style that has been gaining popularity is the pen-shaped pointing device. These types of styluses are available in several different shapes and sizes, including: triangle, pear, cylinder and square. Their most common use is for writing, but many models allow for smooth sketches or other drawing activities. To add to the versatility of this type of style, many of them can also be used with a range of clay tablets.


A stylus pen can also be an extremely convenient way to take notes while out travelling. Since they are so lightweight and versatile, they are great for carrying along with the artist or sketcher while travelling. Most of these devices are equipped with a miniature lithium battery that will ensure that the user is able to get through the night as well as some other unexpected occurrences while out travelling. These types of tablet styluses are perfect for those who may want to sketch on location and not be able to carry their standard smartphone along with them.


All in all, the variety of styluses on the market today offers precision control, advanced functionality, and ease of use. This means that there is a stylus pen for every occasion. The key to purchasing one of these devices is to first determine the purpose for the purchase, as different types are made specifically for specific purposes; then narrow down your choices based on functionality, price, and accuracy of the device.