Selfie Sticks

How Personalized Selfie Sticks Are For You

Selfie Sticks

The term "Selfie" means a smiley face in English. It originated from a Japanese term "Kite" that means a small ship. In its original form, the selfie stick is just about 5 inches in length and can be easily inserted into the pocket of your pants or any casual clothing. The term "Selfie" got its popular name because it looks like a tiny camera. This article is going to discuss the benefits of using a selfie stick and how you can benefit from using these sticks at a formal event.


For the guys: Most guys love to take pictures with their buddies. However, with most guys, it's usually either they don't have a clue on how to take a picture with a camera properly, or they just don't have the time. If you are one of those guys that loves to take pictures but just don't have the time or the skills in which to learn how to do so, a Selfie stick can be a great solution. They are small and lightweight enough that you can even put them into your pocket while doing your daily activities.


For the gals: Selfie sticks are for the ladies too! Imagine how cool it would be to walk down the street with your friends holding up a nice picture of each other taken with a selfie stick! Guys, have you ever wondered what a cute purse would look like with a Selfie stick in it? Well, your friends will never know. The ladies just won't be able to resist putting the stick into their purses. The fun is just beginning, though!


The ladies can also use a stick to take a picture of themselves while wearing something beautiful. They can dress up their favorite piece of clothing with an elegant look and the best part is that they can do so without removing it from its location. If you haven't noticed by now, the ladies are the ones that always end up with the best looking pictures. So, if you think your lady friend needs a new dress, why not suggest she put a selfie in it or maybe a picture frame cover that matches?


If you have a hobby you like, you can use selfie sticks for that as well. How about a hobby you are passionate about or even a past time you like to do such as scrapbooking, painting, or even sewing? You can stick a picture in it or frame it on a stick and show off your creation. Why not make a scrapbook or even a large work of art with thousands of pictures that all come together on one selfie stick.


Many adults enjoy taking pictures and placing them into frames for a special occasion or just as a way to remember special events. You can stick a picture of you and your wife, daughter, or grandchild taking the first steps at the mall. A picture of you with your dog or cat is cute and fun. Whatever the occasion may be, there are lots of sticks on the market that you can purchase in bulk to save money and have plenty of pictures to share with everyone else on your gift list.


As for kids, there are cute pictures of them dressed up in their favorite Disney costumes or sporting some of their favorite sports teams. Selfie sticks are so versatile; you can stick almost anything into them. They come in different sizes with different tips. The more narrow the stick is the smaller the picture will be when it is placed into the stick.


What if you want to share a picture with someone special but don't want to give them the exact selfie sticks you used? No problem! You can purchase blank selfie sticks so that you can write whatever message you want on them. Stick them in a balloon and float them in the air, or stick them in a tissue box and send them to someone who you don't know but who might enjoy receiving such a lovely gift. Whatever you decide to do with them, you will surely be keeping the holiday spirit in your family and friends' lives this year. The best part about these sticks is how quickly and easily they are taken apart and packed for shipping.