Screen Expanders & Magnifiers

Tips to Help You Choose a Screen Expander

Screen Expanders  Magnifiers

It is easy to own a superior looking mobile or cell phone display that enhances the mobile phone experience. Screen Expanders & Magnifiers allow you to do so. There are several types of Magnifiers and Screen Expanders that enhance different display options. Some of the types include Cell Phone Projector Amplifiers, Anti-Blue Light Screen Magnifiers and Foldable Cell Phone Screen Magnifiers.


An Anti-Blue Light Screen Extender or Blue Light Screen Magnifier works to filter blue light. The filtering system traps the harmful violet, green, and red light created by the projectors as they interact with the phosphors in the screen. This reduces glare and prevents eyestrain.


A Cell Phone projector Anti-Glare Screen Protector works to reduce glare from a cell phone display. It does this by blocking up to 97% of sunlight that passes through the display. Because of this protection, the display is clearer, and you can see the text on the screen clearly. They are easy to use, lightweight, and are very affordable.


Many businesses use a Screen Expander or Magnifier to expand their display area. For example, auto body shops use them to show customers how much space is available to move the car around. Mobile electronics retailers use them to display images on a sales floor. A movie theatre screen expander is essential for showing off the fantastic selection of DVD's in a large room. You can also use a screen expands for extra viewing areas in your home. For example, a video store would use one to display titles in different rooms.


A Screen Expander serves another purpose - protecting your computer monitor. The original screen protector is a sticky device that sticks to the front of your monitor. It must be removed when you want to use your computer monitor. The screen expander does not have to be removed when you use your computer. It acts as a shield to keep the dust, debris, dirt, and other particles out of your monitor.


You can use a Screen Expander in any room, or on any piece of furniture. They attach easily to the side of most standard tables or desks. The screen will remain hidden until you are ready to display it. Once you have used it, simply remove it, unplug it from the wall, and you can safely and securely display your screen.


Many models come with a built in power supply. Some models have two power strips for the dual duty that you receive with your Screen Expander. Some even have a USB outlet built into the unit. This allows you to use the unit while charging your mobile phone or as a portable Bluetooth device. When the power runs out, the unit shuts off automatically until you reconnect it to an outlet.


There is no need to hide your computer monitor when using a screen expander. Instead, you can proudly display it and use it with pride. There are many styles and colors to choose from, so it is easy to find one that will coordinate with the rest of your furniture. Whether you choose the traditional model or a newer model, you will enjoy the extra benefit of hiding your screen and keeping your workspace neat and tidy. It is also great for use in rooms where you need to work on your laptop computer but cannot because of dust or other elements.


Most models are adjustable, giving you the ability to change its height as needed. You can use a handy swivel cord to reach high places or adjust the width anywhere in the room. Some models are more complex than others and require additional storage compartments for cable wires, screws, and other hardware components. This makes it more convenient to use, especially for multi-monitor configurations.


The biggest complaint about using a Expander is that some of the older versions do not work very well. They may work well enough for viewing books or magazines, but if you plan to use the display often, this is not going to be enough. The screens tend to be small and tight, and the hinges tend to quit working. It may take several months of use before you finally get a good fit. Older models often cost more than newer models.


If you do purchase a screen expands, make sure you understand the functions of all its accessories. Your screen will be most useful if all of the accessories to function well. The use of screen mirrors is one way to ensure that your Expander looks good when it's in use. Also, you may want to buy some hanger hooks that are durable and strong so they won't break when you hang them on your closet. Use the knowledge that you've gained when you choose which model to purchase to ensure your satisfaction.