Samsung Tablet

An In Depth Look at Samsung Tablets

Samsung Tablet

The world is smitten with the latest technology from Samsung. And with a Samsung Tablet, you'll never be left behind. It's powerful, intuitive, and portable - what more could you ask for? Connectivity, portability, and versatility are the three major reasons to choose it versus chunky laptop computers. And Samsung tablet excel in all three areas.


Artists and creative thinkers-the reason we love tablets are because of the capabilities it gives you. And for real-time artists and creative people, Samsung has a drawing tablet specifically designed to improve their abilities. The Galaxy Tab offers users the ability to not only browse the web but also to take sketches, upload photos, videos, and audio files right to their slate. What's more, the internal specs of this tablet are surprisingly powerful: it can surf the internet, edit and upload files, and even play a variety of games.


Reliability-with a mobile device, portability is very important. This is why we love the tablets from Samsung. Samsung makes sure you never run out of power or gas when on the go. The Tab S7 comes with a generous 1GB of RAM, so you never have to worry about your device running out of power. And with a large, 12-inch screen, you never have to be concerned about getting lost due to limited viewing space.


Portability-this is why we consider the Tab S6 the best tablet in the market today. As a standard, the S7 weighs in at less than seven and a half ounces, which are just slightly more than the Tab S5, which was one of the smallest tablets we reviewed. This makes the Tab S7 perfect for anyone who travels often, as it can easily fit in your pocket-and there's no worrying about dropping it while walking down the street. Its spacious display means you can view your documents without having to bring a separate device, so you'll never have to worry about taking your phone with you when you need to see what's happening. In addition, the Tab S7 also packs a solid battery that should last you through several working weeks, so you don't have to worry about your device's performance while on the go.


Browser-the browser on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is quite comprehensive, featuring Internet compatibility for all browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and many others. You can instantly browse any web page on the tablet, so you can look up any information you want without having to wait for the system to load the page. The browser on this tablet also features a built-in Wi-Fi connection so you can connect to the web no matter where you are. It also includes TFT capability so the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 can display images and text. This tablet is truly a versatile device.


Multimedia Samsung has created one of the best tablets for media enjoyment with its Galaxy Tab S7. This tablet offers you a great combination of video and audio so you can enjoy the latest videos and music wherever you happen to be. With this tablet, you get a high-definition video camera that allows you to take high quality videos with a simple tap of the screen, along with both standard and photo viewing capabilities that are sure to impress. Along with the ability to stream videos, music and photos, the Galaxy Tab S7 also lets you listen to your favorite music services like Pandora, Rhapsody and iTunes, so you can enjoy music anytime you want.


Storage The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 features a huge storage capacity of apps-more than two hundred to be exact. This means you can continue enjoying your apps and other files on this tablet as long as you want. This tablet comes with an internal memory of two gigabytes, and it's capable of supporting microSD cards that support the card expansion for additional storage capacity. You can use the built in memory to browse through your email and text files or you can also install applications from your Samsung apps website. For this device, Samsung has partnered with some of the best companies in the business namely: Samsung America, AT&T, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile to form a customized network called GSM, which stands for Gear Support System.


Keyboard A big selling point for this device is the fact that it's packed with a powerful keyboard. The Galaxy Tab S7 features a 10.2-inch keyboard and there's plenty of room to type away. The built in keyboard includes enhanced multi-touch keys that respond in such a way that you can actually feel them in your hands. You also get to enjoy an advanced, smooth and fast navigation experience from the Samsung tablet, as it includes a very large multi-touch trackpad that makes it very easy to select and click just about anything. One of the coolest features of the tablet is its built-in volume controls that let you turn up the volume of your music player very easily.