Samsung Galaxy Watch

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Watch Vs Apple Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch helps you to manage your fitness routines, from the comfort of your home or office. It records up to four activities and automatically measures the time and duration spent on each activity. It can track maximum heart rate, maximum heart zone (MZ), average heart rate and calories burned during any given workout. The device is designed to cater to the needs of all fitness conscious people. It comes with a self-diagnosis tool and is easy to use.

Samsung Galaxy Watch


Samsung Galaxy Watch personalizes the watch, incorporating it with the Samsung Galaxy S smart phone to offer support for Health Mode. This new version of Samsung watch features many health features that are designed to improve overall fitness levels, stress relief and mental focus. This watch also features a freestanding, round optical heart rate monitor with a large digital display. There are many other health features as well including an SOS button, vibrating alert, stop watch, MP3 player and built-in memory.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2.0 is one of two watches in the new line of smartwatches from Samsung. The other is the Gear Live. Both devices work in conjunction with the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone and provide a platform for interactive gaming. They both work by tracking actual physical activity through the Galaxy's built-in sensors. These devices are designed with precision and are complimented with intuitive software that makes them compatible with most Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy Watch offers a huge leap forward in terms of battery life. With a single charge, the new model offers up to seven hours of battery life. Compared to the Apple Watch's three hours of battery life, this is an extraordinary advance. The high-powered Samsung Galaxy watch also features a fast charger, meaning that users won't have to wait for their device to get charged either. In fact, the watch can get to charge faster than the apple watch's charging system.


This new version of the Galaxy watch also comes pre-loaded with some of the most popular applications from the best development and companies in the industry including Samsung's own entertainment division, Samsung Tizen. Tizen, which means "the internet" in Korean, is a mobile operating platform designed to run on top of the existing Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. Tizen's key feature is its multi-orientation interface, which means that it is not like any other mobile OS available before it. For example, instead of using the iPhone's native app store as the main source of apps, users will be able to access more than one dozen apps in total from Samsung's own apps via the Gear apps.


Samsung Galaxy Watch is also equipped with a unique SmartBand. The SmartBand acts as a connector for a myriad of applications and Samsung's own apps, including Samsung Tizen and the Gear Live. Users need to wear the SmartBand while they perform a number of tasks, which means that they will need a fair amount of memory storage from their phones. The SmartBand is designed in such a way as to make it easy for users to add additional memory to their phones. To maximize the phone's memory space, users will need to rotate their wrist at regular intervals, which may result in increased battery life.


If you want to experience the ultimate in control, then you must have the ultimate in control, especially with your mobile devices. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch allows you to do everything you need to do from anywhere you are. You never really have to take your wrist off of the watch in order to check whether you have received an incoming call or text. Also, with the ability to reply to an email while you're on the go, the Apple Watch can become something more than just another fashion accessory.


If you were to look at the two devices side-by-side, the only real comparison would be to compare their appearance. On the face of things, the two devices are very similar in terms of overall appearance, although the Apple Watch has a slightly better design that the Galaxy. One look at the face of the two devices and you can tell that the Gear watch looks like something that was made especially for the Galaxy. With a price that is half of that of the lte model, it is safe to say that the Gear watch will never be the equal of the Apple Watch.