Razer Blade Laptop

Find Out What the Razer Blade Laptop Has to Offer

Razer has long since established themselves as one of the leading laptop manufacturers. With their strong reputation for making quality mice, keyboards and headsets, you can rely on their products to provide you with excellent results. Their latest creation, the Razer Blade, has proven to be an excellent choice when it comes to gaming notebooks. Let's take a closer look at this newly released product.

Razer Blade Laptop


The Razer Blade uses a new gaming laptop design which is probably the most unique we have seen from this manufacturer yet. At first glance, it may seem like a bad decision to go with something so different, but the Razer Blade proves to be a worthy competitor. As a result, they don't only provide great value in their premium style, but they do so in a really effective way. We are big fans of Razer's high-performance portable powerboats here at Games Radar - the Blade 15 is easily atop best gaming laptop list, although this could change quickly. So, we are going to take a closer look at the Razer Blade, and discuss why it may prove to be the laptop you were looking for.


Like most gaming laptops, the Razer Blade offers a standard keyboard layout with full function keys including the Caps lock and Home key. On the outside, it looks exactly like other recent laptops; there's a shiny silver metal finish on the bezels, sides and the keyboard itself. On the inside, the components are arranged in such a way as to help maintain heat much better than competing laptops. If you're used to buying laptop components that overheat, then you'll appreciate how Razer has taken steps to prevent this.


Speaking of heat, we have to mention that the Razer Blade does use a traditional desktop size laptop design. It measures just 17 inches long, and there's no way to expand the laptop beyond its main battery. One of the unique features on the Razer Blade is the fact that it utilizes an Intel Integrated Graphics Card, rather than the typical AMD setup where you get an amd processor and graphics card in the laptop. This gives the Blade a truly powerful single core processor that will enable it to run many gaming titles at high or ultra settings.


Up until now, the only laptop on the market that could support the latest gaming technology was the Asus Zenbook. While the Asus is a powerful little laptop, it lacked on-board graphics and sound card when compared to other gaming laptops on the market. With the latest quad core i7 processor and the integrated graphics card on the Razer Blade, you can now run all of your games at their full HD glory on the go. Best of all, the graphics card on the Razer Blade is completely solid, so you won't experience any crashing, lagging, or general instability that you may encounter with some of the lesser known brands. If you don't want to take a chance with gaming on a laptop with so many powerful components, the Razer Blade is the perfect option for you.


In terms of size, the Razer Blade is actually quite small in comparison to many of the other ultra mobile laptops out there today. At just over two inches, the Razer Blade is quite small in terms of overall size, but it makes up for this with several features including its backlit keyboard and the superior multi-touch trackpad. One thing about these two features is that if you need to type on the Razer Blade, you'll find that you can't type very much at all - this is due to the keyboard having a light sensor built into it, which allows the laptop to detect your finger, even when the keys are depressed.


One of the most impressive features of the Razer Blade is its quad core i7 processor. This not only makes it one of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market today, but also one of the most powerful laptop computers in general. Its powerful Haswell dual core processor means that you get all the benefits of a faster processor, without sacrificing any of the quality of gaming that you would expect from a laptop. Add in a powerful graphics card, a full sized and long lasting battery, a fast hard drive, and good wireless connectivity, and you have the cutting edge ultrasonic gaming laptops that you have always wanted.


Razer has not only managed to include some great features in their gaming laptops, but they have also included some amazing machines that have some of the best prices around. These laptops are some of the most popular, and you can find them easily online. When it comes to Ultrasonic gaming laptop deals, you will find that the Razer Blade and the MacBook Air are both extremely popular and well loved by fans of this gaming genre. Both of these laptops offer strong performance and are extremely powerful, meaning that you will get more than enough gaming performance for your money. If you want to play games smoothly, make sure to take a look at some of the best gaming laptop deals on today's market!