Phone Repair Kits

Phone Repair Kits - Save Money And Do It Yourself

The very first step that you should take when you are fixing your broken cell phone is to purchase a Phone Repair Kit. These kits contain everything you will need to fix your phone including a case, SIM card, charger and other miscellaneous tools. If you decide to attempt to repair your broken phone on your own, you must be sure to follow all instructions closely. You could ruin your phone, or even damage your warranty if you are not careful. I will outline a few different steps below that can help you successfully repair your broken phone.

Phone Repair Kits


You will need to remove your SIM card from the phone. Many phones come with a SIM tray that allows you to easily insert and remove the SIM card without harming the phone. Remove the card carefully so that you do not bend the phone in any way. Once the card has been removed, you need to unplug the power from the phone and turn it on so that it thinks it is on. Next you will need to power the phone up again. If your battery is dead then you need to replace the battery first.


Next you will need to take out the screws that hold the back of the phone together. On some models you will need to unscrew two screws instead of just one. Once the back of the case has been removed you will need to look inside and remove the battery. After this step you will need to insert the new SIM card and power up the phone once again. If your battery is dead then you need to replace the battery first.


You can choose between buying a complete kit or purchasing it separately. The complete kit contains all of the tools you will need to repair your phone including the tools mentioned above. The advantage of purchasing the entire kit is that it will include a phone brush, paper, case, tools and so forth. It may be more expensive than buying it separately but the overall cost will be worth it.


The second type of kit includes all of the items you need to repair your phone without the help of anyone else. These are typically sold as separate pieces so you will still need to buy the phone brush and paper. You should pay close attention to the instructions included with these kits and follow them carefully to ensure you have put the phone in the correct position before you power it up.


Some phones may be able to stand on their own. In this case you will only need the case and power adaptor. The most important part of the entire kit though is the phone itself. Many people assume that their phone will work with any case but the fact is that different phone models use dissimilar materials. An example is the amount of flex that a phone has.


There are specific cases that are made specifically for a certain brand of phones. These cases have been designed to keep the phone safe from damage while offering a certain aesthetic appeal. This is why it is important to consider what features you really need from the phone before you purchase a case. Some people want a protective skin for their phone, while others just want the basic case. It all depends on your personal preferences.


In the end you have two options when it comes to phone repair kits. You can pay to have it professionally done or you can simply purchase a phone repair kit and do it yourself. Whichever option you choose, it is important to invest in a quality kit. In order to get the best results you should invest in one that contains everything you need. There is nothing worse than having to start over after buying a kit you used to complete a task you had no idea how to complete.