PC Game Racing Wheels

PC Game Racing Wheels - Perfect For Your Truck Games

PC Game Racing Wheels has been a mainstay of the video game industry for decades now. They first became famous with the release of the Space Shuttle game in 1984 and have remained a mainstay ever since. The PCG brand came about after the merger of two companies, Bobcat and Polaroid. Polaroid was responsible for creating the first game, while Bobcat produced the PCG game. The two companies have remained friendly with each other and have worked together to create some of the most memorable racing games ever.

PC Game Racing Wheels


In the case of the PC game racing wheels, you can either choose from either a magnetic friction based or a servo-based system. In the former, the signals which are transmitted to the pedals and the wheels are affected by both a transmitter and receiver. This means that even though one is not directly moving the wheel, their input affects it. The result is that the wheels respond with more force, making it much more realistic than simply having a transmitter on a console.


The PCG series features three sets of pedals. There is the regular racing type, which has a non-free rotation. This type offers very limited control. On the other hand there is the magnetic friction based pedal, which is similar to the one found on many high end exercise bicycles. The advantage of using the friction type is that it offers much more steering control and overall responsiveness.


One of the biggest drawbacks is that in order to use the pedals in the game racing, you must connect the whole console to your computer via the universal usb port. This can limit your ability to take your driving skills to the next level, as the PS3 does not currently have the ability to emulate the physical process of driving. In this case, you need to purchase separate pedals to be able to control your vehicle. This can be an expensive way to get started in game racing. If you are only interested in practice however, it may be a fine way to get started.


The PCG series is one of the highest quality racing wheels available for the game play. For many gamers, realism is key. Using high quality racing wheels can give the illusion that you are actually driving at speed through the streets of your own city or country. Many of these wheels provide a realistic playing experience with smooth turns and intuitive steering. The PCG series even includes two separate sets of pedals: one for the car and one for the person playing as the racer. By using the two pedals, the person controlling the car can gain a better control of the car and make sharp turns at a faster pace.


One other major advantage of the PCG series is its five-level ergonomic design. The five levels adjust depending upon what type of racing you are playing: indoor, outdoor, track, and competition. The five levels adjust the sensitivity of the steering and the quiet force feedback. This allows the driver to select the appropriate setting based on the type of racing they are participating in.


PCG Gaming Wheels has superior quality racing wheels, which include a three-layer rubber texture coating. The rubber texture coating provides more traction and makes the rubber to stick to the surface of the racing wheels. For the driver, this feature offers much improved control over the car. However, another big advantage of these racing wheels is the five-level seat height which allows the player to choose a comfortable level of sit.


If you're a fan of racing games or truck simulators, then the PCG series of racing products will please you. They are a great choice for PC game playing. Many professional racing games were designed with the PC in mind, including Forza Horizon. With its amazing graphics, incredible sound, and stunning new additions like the PCG gaming wheels, you can feel like you are really driving the trucks in the game. That's what you get with American Truck Simulator: the true simulation experience.