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Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Tablet PC is actually a generic term coined from Microsoft for tablets conforming to a specific set of specifications declared by Microsoft, generally adapted for pen-based computer devices conforming to a specific version of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition or a similar licensed version of Windows Vista. The Microsoft Tablet PC was designed for specific Windows XP Tablet PC Edition devices running Windows XP. The name of the hardware and the model name correspond to that of the corresponding Windows version. There are some models of Microsoft Tablet PCs that runs other operating systems.


Microsoft Tablet PC offers features similar to those found in the full size tablet PC. However, it can be slimmer and lighter. Its overall size is much smaller than its regular counterpart and it comes with a keyboard dock which supports USB mouse, an extended battery pack which provides power when one is not using the tablet PC and an external stereo player with optical audio output and headphone port. It also features a full-fledged handwriting-recognition software that allows one to write on the screen and have it printed out. For security measures, it also comes with a Windows XP Firewall security suite that blocking programs that might be harmful to the computer. A wireless router is also present to connect to the internet through a high-speed wireless network.


One can use Microsoft Tablet PCs with the use of an adaptable device adaptor known as a USB pen. This adaptor connects to the USB port of the Microsoft tablet PCs and enlarges the tablet PCs usable screen space. Furthermore, it also enables one to write on and draw on the screen. Some of these adapters also double up as flash drives and pens for carrying data. There are many such devices that can be bought from the market.


Microsoft has also entered the laptop market with its convertible tablet PCs. This product is known as the Surface. It is the latest innovation from Microsoft. The Surface has a display larger than 10.1 inches. The screen is protected by a Gorilla glass material to render it safer to handle.


To charge the battery of the Surface, one can connect the pen holder to the USB port of the laptop. One can write on the screen and have it printed out. One can also use this pen to take notes on the laptop. The pen holder also has an adjustable inbuilt pencil grip that makes writing comfortable. One can comfortably write on the tablet without feeling the pressure of the hand on the screen.


The pen holder also contains a built-in mouse that is extremely comfortable and works perfectly with the Surface. It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery that can be used to power the screen and the sound system of the tablet PC. One can also use the USB port of the laptop to charge other items like the mobile phones, mp3 players and other accessories. Using the USB port one can also connect the Surface to many other electronic gadgets. One can play music on the sound system using the stereo input or connect the camera using the digital camera output.


One of the most unique features of the Microsoft Surface is its magnetic clasp. It holds the tablet firmly in place without allowing any liquid to enter inside. It prevents the tablet from slipping when you are working at your desk and not using the table. Also this pen holder allows one to place his or her hand on the top of the tablet PC for longer writing without fearing the slipping of the grip.


It also helps one to write on the tablet PC for longer hours as the Microsoft Surface keyboard includes a mechanical keyboard. This keyboard offers comfort and a very smooth writing experience. It also includes volume and tone control buttons as well as arrow keys for navigating through the menu. The surface keyboard of the Microsoft Surface is available in different sizes so that one can find the one that suits him or her the best. The size of the pen case depends on the dimensions of the pen that is inserted into it.