GPS Trackers

GPS Trackers - How Do They Work?

What are GPS trackers? A GPS tracker, geotracking device, or just track is a navigational unit usually in a vehicle, human/machine or livestock that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to detect its precise location and determine its exact location by taking a digital map of its vicinity. In this way it can determine the user's current position and assist in getting the user from point A to point B. If the device does not have GPS capability, it can also use triangulation, geographical targeting, wireless radios or Global Positioning System units. Some GPS trackers also use a U.S. based GPS satellite navigation system.

GPS Trackers


The GPS tracker needs power to function. Most of them run on rechargeable batteries but you may also find ones that run on solar power. The user has to take care to keep the battery pack charged at all times. While there are a number of different types of GPS trackers available in the market, most of them have similar features.


The different kinds of GPS trackers available vary in functions. There are marine GPS trackers, travel trackers, personal trackers, vehicle trackers, golf carts, backpacks, lap stackers and standalone trackers. The main types of GPS trackers are discussed below. Select one according to your requirements.


A marine GPS tracker can be used to locate and follow a boat, yacht or ship at sea. Marine gps trackers can be as simple as a GPS device mounted on a boat or can have additional features such as live reporting, emergency help, docking location indication, vessel position indication and many more. On the other hand, you can use backpacks or handheld trackers for hiking and trekking. These backpacks are very efficient and you can easily carry them around with your loved one.


In case of long distance travelling and camping with your loved one, you can use portable GPS trackers or car tracking devices. Portable vehicle tracking devices are portable and are often designed with lightweight materials. Car tracking devices are generally powered either by internal battery or by a small portable battery.


Most modern vehicles come with built-in GPS trackers. These vehicles are fitted with a small receiver unit which is controlled by the drivers using a remote control. The system works both ways - the vehicle can also be equipped with a portable GPS tracking device so that the owners can monitor their vehicle's movements. This type of gps tracking is very useful for families with young children who are always going out of the house.


Another popularly used personal use of gps trackers is to locate people in the event of an emergency. The various types of personal GPS trackers available are very handy when it comes to locating people. They are usually equipped with LED indicators that allow you to locate the person who has locked himself or herself out of your car or home.


With a variety of different choices of GPS trackers available on the market you can easily find the right one that will suit your needs. You can keep tabs on your kids when they are away from home using vehicle tracking devices. You can keep tabs on your senior parents while they are away at an assisted living facility. You can even keep tabs on your friend who may be travelling without your knowledge. Vehicle tracking devices have revolutionized how people keep track of their belongings and loved ones. These devices help you know where your loved ones are at all times.


When you travel on business trips, it is important that you have a reliable tracking device with you. You may use the same type of GPS trackers that you use while you are away. However, there are many new types of hidden gps trackers that are being manufactured for your vehicles. These are designed to be hidden inside of your automobile. There are many advantages to having this type of GPS tracking device if you travel on a regular basis. This device helps you to locate anyone who is driving erratically or who may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Other benefits of hidden GPS trackers are that they provide you with real time information about your vehicle. This information includes speed, direction, location, and other pertinent data. You can receive real-time updates about the driver in front of you as well as the one behind you in case you are following them. Some of these devices even provide you with traffic rules violations so you know what you are driving into when you are traveling on the road.


Hidden GPS trackers come in several different types. You can get hardwired GPS trackers that are powered by your vehicle battery or you can choose a tracker that has to be connected to a USB modem via your laptop or other portable device. The great advantage to using a modem based tracker is that you can monitor your vehicle from virtually anywhere. Although these trackers are powered by your vehicle's battery, they still have the advantage of being able to track whatever it is you are driving it to as well.