Gamepads & Standard Controllers

Gamepads and Their Types

Gamepads and standard controllers can be purchased for any of the major platforms out there. Sony and Microsoft have created many different types of input devices for video games. Both of these companies, however, offer gaming accessories as well. Accessories include joysticks, pedals, and other attachments that can enhance a player's experience while playing their chosen platform game. Here are some of the best accessories that can be found for popular gamepads or even for the standard controller.


The Stick Shift is a must-have for hardcore gamers. This shift knob allows a player to change between left and right when playing their chosen genre of game. This can be used with many different Nintendo and Sony PlayStation games.


Logitech has also created many wonderful joysticks and stick shifts for gaming. There are a multitude of options available on the market today. These controllers can work with any of the many popular gaming consoles available. The newest stick shift model is the Game Ready shifters. These shifters are designed to work with any of the new generation consoles.


If you prefer a more modern type of pad, then the Game Cube is a great option. This is one of the only brand new stick-based controllers that is currently available for sale. Each Game Cube controller comes with its own micro USB port. This port can be used to power up the handheld device or for connecting headphones or other wired audio devices.


When searching for a Bluetooth device, make sure that it works with your handheld device. Most modern phones will be compatible with Bluetooth. It is also available on computers in many different formats. Make sure that it is compatible with your computer's OS. Some of the older operating systems may not support Bluetooth headsets and other peripheral devices.


For hardcore gamers, Steering wheel games are perfect. There are a variety of versions available in different gaming stores. Many are specially designed for certain brands. These steering wheels come complete with all of the necessary sensors to allow for in-game testing and optimization. They also are fully programmable to provide the most accurate racing experience possible.


When shopping for a stick-based gaming joystick, it is important to do plenty of research before making your purchase. Many stick manufacturers produce high quality products with great customer satisfaction. It is a good idea to read online user reviews to see what they think about the specific product you are interested in. When shopping at an electronics store, look for a store clerk that speaks a lot about gaming joysticks and other related items.


It can be easy to get overwhelmed when looking for the right controller. There are so many options available! The Internet can help you narrow down your options. Online stores usually have the most extensive collection available.


One of the most popular styles available these days are Bluetooth. These are small hand held devices that allow users to play audio games while not holding their gaming device. Gamepads that support Bluetooth are becoming more popular. Many companies are producing these devices with wireless technologies.


If you prefer driving games, there are steering wheel games available as well. Steering wheels are very similar to gamepads except they have a wheel on the side instead of a handle. They are a great choice for people who enjoy playing driving games while on the go. They are small and portable. They are also typically very affordable.


All of these devices are available with different gamepads fitted. Some are direct fit for a specific type of game. Steering wheels, for example, are designed for specific driving games. They are easily interchangeable with other types of sticks.


Steering wheels can easily be obtained at any store. Searching online is a good option for finding the right one. Most stores will carry them.