Key Finders

What Are the Best Key Finders to Keep Your House Secure?

Key Finders

Key finders are small electronic devices, sometimes called keyfinders, keyrots, keychains, keypads, keychains, keycards, or transponders and sometimes referred to as "dumbest finds." Keyfinders are also called key-loggers, key-strippers, key-smackers, key-tappers, key-finders, keyloggers, key-rockers and trimmers. They can be used for many purposes, including locating lost or stolen items, making and storing copies of keys for homes and offices, determining if a babysitter is really working, retrieving important information from computers, locating jewelry, collecting government tax debts, or finding missing people. Keyfinders can even be used on automobiles, in dashboards, around beds, in glove boxes, in backpacks and other luggage compartments, under cars, in pockets and other hiding places, and for security purposes in high security facilities, banks, airports, and private organizations.


Most key finders are electronic. They have a small circuit board with a miniature circuit; a microchip programmed to perform specific functions; an antenna, which sends radio signals to the base unit; a microprocessor which interpret the received signals; a receiver with a built-in circuit to receive and interpret the received signals; and an integrated circuit that sends and receives the received signals. The electronic components are designed to work together in a certain way so that when the necessary action is performed on the device does not send the signal again. Keyfinders use a variety of other components, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, headers, fuse holders, relays, power supplies, power strip and voltage regulators. Keyfinders are used in all kinds of applications, but they are especially popular in key recovery. Some common uses include recovering keys from locked vehicles, safes, casinos, hospitals, offices, museums, businesses, military bases, banks, credit card companies, bridges, tunnels and more.


There are two basic types of key finders. One type of electronic keyfinder works with batteries while another type of keyfinder works without batteries. The electronic type works with batteries, while the non-electronic types work without batteries. The loud and irritating buzz caused by the ESK Keyfinder can scare away intruders. Some burglars disable locks using tools such as hammers or electric drills which require batteries.


Key trackers or locator devices are another popular option for home and business owners. These devices locate and identify lost or stolen keys. This is helpful for businesses because it allows them to reduce the number of lost keys or misplaced keys, which results in higher insurance premiums. Some of the more sophisticated models are able to record information on specific makes and model of automobiles.


Key Trackers and Locators are used around the home to locate small items or access areas that are out of the traditional range of a flashlight or GPS locator. For homes, there are key finders that can be installed on windows or doors to alert a homeowner if there is a new key within reach. Some devices come with a built in motion sensor to determine whether the item is outside the specified zone. There are also many fob designs that have a Bluetooth range to locate a cell phone, handheld PDA or similar item. Other advanced designs can be set up to locate any item in a room with the use of a wireless sensor.


Most modern fobs have a built in Bluetooth range for easy connectivity to other Bluetooth key finders use with a compatible mobile device. This can either be done directly through the fob or the app. Some of these devices may also have their own interface, or they may be controlled through the use of an app. An example of this is the FobPro which allows its users to track their deliveries and view the status of them at a certain time using their mobile device. The FobPro is compatible with more than one brand of mobile device.


There are also a number of different price ranges when it comes to buying fobs and Bluetooth Key Finders. They are generally manufactured by well known companies, but there are also smaller ones available. The best key finders though will provide all of the features mentioned above and more. It is important to look for these things when shopping for the right product.


In the case that a person has lost a valuable item such as jewelry or cash, they can use a key finder or a fingerprint lock alarm to keep track of it. These devices allow the user to enter a pin number that acts like a security pass so that only they can gain entry to the property or other information locked inside of it. Most locks will provide at least some measure of protection from intruders, but there are some that can not be bypassed easily at all. In the case of a burglary, the devices used will let the police know who was responsible and then they can further investigate if charges should ever be filed against them.