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The Dell Inspiral - A Lightweight and Durable Laptop

Dell Laptop

For anyone who has ever wanted a laptop but didn't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars, then Dell Laptop offers a perfect solution. Dell is an American company based in Chicago that manufactures, markets, and supports various computers and related merchandise and services, and is partially owned by its original owner, Dell Technologies. Dell specializes in notebook-style computers using the same technology and design philosophy as their much larger and more established competitor, Apple. As a result, the two companies often compete fiercely for market share, resulting in excellent laptops and notebooks on the market.


The latest model from Dell, the Dell Latitude EOL (ended version), packs powerful specifications into a notebook-style design. Powered by an Intel Core i7 processor, the Dell Latitude EOL comes with fourGB of memory, a 1.8-pound keyboard, and integrated speakers. Additionally, it has an eight-hour battery and offers both AC and DC power with a neat Dell remote.


Dell has also designed a number of other models, including the Dell Latitude Eero and Dell Latitude TOSPE (Toshiba style), each with different specifications and price points. The Dell Latitude EOL is priced at a low $250, offering solid performance for those looking for powerful laptops with a stylish design. In contrast, the Dell Latitude TOSPE has higher price points, but offers improved battery life and slightly faster processors. At the higher price points, you can find laptops that offer full HD (high resolution) screens, advanced hard drives, a variety of different graphics options, high-speed processors, and dedicated video cards. These machines also usually come with a dedicated video card and Ethernet card, although some models only come with Wi-Fi.


The Dell Inspiron 15 3000 is another great option in the thin laptop category, though it is not as well constructed as the EOL. It has a full-sized keyboard and large, easy to see the monitor. It also offers a standard battery and standard VGA video card, meaning it will support either Bluetooth or standard Wi-Fi. The screen is very bright and sharp, though it is on the heavy side. The weight makes it feel less comfortable to use for extended periods.


The Dell Inspiral xps 15 comes with a standard two-row DVD burner and built-in media player. The laptop works with Windows, although many third-party software programs have to be installed for certain operating systems. This machine offers the best laptops for anyone who wants a laptop that can handle basic applications, such as Office, Internet applications, or games. It has a standard hard drive, but if you want to upgrade to a larger one down the road, you can do so for under $100.


If you're looking for laptops that can handle professional applications, you may want to check out the Dell Inspiral xps 15 and decide for yourself. This machine offers plenty of features and options for those who want everything they could ever want from a laptop. It starts off with a quad-core Intel i5 processor and includes six gigs of memory, a faster-than-ever Samsung memory card, an external Firewire port, a dual-band wireless card, a high-performance graphics card, a front USB port, a back-lit keyboard, a touch display, and an intuitive operating system. Add in four gigabytes of ram, four GB of storage, an intuitive operating system, a high-definition camera, a touch-sensitive keyboard, and a four-megapixel digital camcorder, and you have the best laptops for professionals. To top it all off, this laptop also offers two weeks of free internet and two years of unlimited cloud storage.


If you need to get the most from your laptop, consider upgrading to the Dell Inspiral was 15 with the optional Core 2 Duo or even a quad core i7 chip. Either way, you'll still get tons of performance, support, versatility, and high quality graphics cards. Add in the powerful integrated memory controller and fast boot times, and you'll be satisfied with your decision to buy a Dell Inspiral xps laptop over any other on the market today.


As we've talked about before, it's always important to have a laptop that has enough memory for all your programs, photos, and videos as well as enough storage to hold all your data. The Dell Inspiral is 13 has a little less memory than the others, but that's ok because it's not the biggest deal when it comes to storage. A little less isn't always better when it comes to RAM size, though. Instead, focus more on the video card when purchasing your laptop. Once again, the Dell XPS 13 with a quad core i7 chip will give you all the power you need to run your editing programs and graphics card intensive games without any problems at all.