Computer Vacuums

How to Properly Clean Your Computer Vacuum?

A computer vacuum cleaner is a small handheld device with many different small, often movable, attachments which make it very easy to access small crevices and awkward corners within a computer case or laptop case. Many computer vacuums operate by suction. They suck the dust out of the crevices in order to help maintain the machine's overall efficiency. The majority of computer vacuums today come with both positive and negative ions, allowing them to be utilised on items such as hard drives, optical drives, CD and DVD disks, floppy discs and even mobile phones.

Computer Vacuums


The use of computer vacuums has increased dramatically over the years due to the fact that they are particularly effective at picking up small amounts of dust which is often left behind when a computer user works on a computer. This airborne dust is one of the major causes of static electricity. Most computer vacuums will remove much of this static electricity, however not all are created equal.


There are two main types of computer vacuums on the market today, cordless and corded. Cordless ones are considered to be more portable and some of the more advanced models can even work on batteries. The cordless models tend to have rechargeable batteries, and a standard cable which plugs into a cigarette lighter for power. Due to the fact that there is no cord, a lot of people consider them easier to use. They can also be used in places where a cordless vacuum would be impractical such as cars and boats. Cordless vacuum cleaners are also usually more lightweight than their corded counterparts and therefore easier to move around.


If you want to clean your carpets or floors with a vacuum cleaner, you will need to consider the weight of the unit as well as its portability. Most cordless computer vacuums have a maximum pulling weight limit of 400 pounds, while some can pull much heavier (up to 600 pounds). Some cordless vacuums also have extended pole arms that can reach further into the floor. This feature is very handy for areas such as rugs where you want to avoid tripping over the handle while cleaning.


One of the features that set apart cordless from corded computer vacuums is the presence of a blower which is designed to clean the air without any physical contact with the floor. Some models have a self-cleaning mechanism which allows them to clean the air by themselves. In this way they can reduce the amount of time that is spent on cleaning and the overall cleanliness of the room. However, it is important to note that a self-cleaning blower will only clean the air if it is turned on. Therefore it will be necessary to ensure that you turn the blower on whenever it is required.


All good quality cordless computer vacuums will have HEPA filters in them. HEPA filters do not make the air cleaner but rather they trap particles that you cannot see. The reason why HEPA filters are so good is that they trap more particles than standard filters and this allows the machine to work faster. However, some people do not like the fact that they have to keep changing the filters and this can actually be an advantage. Some people have expressed concern that the HEPA filters to trap dust that is not visible to humans.


Many people are of the opinion that manual cleaning is better than using a cleaning tool with a brush. The fact is that both brushes and vacuums will actually damage your electronic device without damaging it in the long run. You might find it useful to use a hair dryer to blow the dust away from your computer. However, you should be careful as you should only use this method after you have turned the heat off.


Another common mistake made by many people is the improper cleaning of the fan or the blower. In most cases, it has been observed that people apply too much pressure to the fan or the blower while trying to loosen dust from it. The best way to clean your electronic device without damaging it is to use your hand to move the brush in a circular motion. As you move the brush in a circular motion, you will be able to ensure that you do not apply too much pressure to any one area of the gadget.