Cell Phone Holsters

Different Types of Cell Phone Holsters

Cell Phone Holsters

Cell Phone holsters are fast becoming a fashion statement. More consumers are carrying their smartphones with them all the time. If you don't have one, it's about time you got one. It's portable, you can store it in your pocket or purse, or you can take it with you anywhere. So why not make it a fashion statement as well?


Cell Phone Holsters: What are these different types of cell phone holsters and belt clips? Spring Loaded Belt Clips A standard belt clip, this type of belt clips are either magnetic or electronic. These are commonly covered with faux leather. To use them, simply put the cell phone inside the holder and pull down on the back. They won't work with PDA phones though. While they are available in black, the best color to look for is white.


Slide-In Belt Loops Another popular type of cell phone holsters are slide-in belt loops. This type of belt loops can be used to easily and securely hold a cellular phone, PDA, or laptop. Slide the loop open and close to store your phone or device. They typically come in black, but they're available in white if that's what you want.


Cell Phone Pouch Cell phone pouches are similar to belt loops, but they are much smaller. Cell phone pouches are typically made out of cloth or other non-metal material. The pouch is then closed with a snap hook and chain. Cell phone pouches usually have openings on the top so that you can slip your phone in without pressing down on the cell phone itself. These are the same type of pouches that many travelers use when they travel by land or air.


Cell Phone Clips Perhaps the most widely used type of cell phone holster is the cell phone clip. Cell-phone clips are similar to belt clips in that they are designed so that you can easily slide them on and off your belt. The only difference between a belt clip and a clip Holster is the shape. Belt clips generally are more of a flat rectangle shape whereas cell phone clips curve in a slight kink at the top so that they are more comfortable to wear and lie on.


Spring Loaded Belt Clips If you don't want to deal with the hassle of using the pouch pouches, then you should consider one of the popular types of spring-loaded belt clips. These are the type of holster that simply snaps right into place. You just put your cell phone (or PDA) in the front of the belt clip and then snap it shut. This allows you to keep your cell phone securely within your grasp. A nice thing about most spring loaded belt clips is that they typically have an extending spring that keeps your cell phone secure until you get ready to put it back into its holster.


Pouch Pouches - If you don't like the idea of wearing a belt clip for your cell phone holster, then you may want to try out a cell phone holster that uses a pouch. Cell phone pouches allow you to put your cell phone down into the bottom of the pouch, which acts as the carrier for your phone. When you need to access your phone, all you have to do is pull out the cell phone holster, open up the zipper, and put your cell phone inside. Cell phone pouches are very similar to the belt clip, except that they provide a much more secure and comfortable way to carry your cell phone. They also tend to be a little bit lighter than spring loaded belt clips, so they are easier to carry around.


Belt Clips - Finally, you can get a cell phone holster that uses a simple belt clip. These often have a one or two inch belt clip that will go through most standard size pants. Many of these belt clips feature a hook on one end that will snap onto your pants belt. These types of holsters are not overly secure, but they can be a nice alternative to a belt clip if you don't want to have to remove your cell phone from your pants. These are not usually available in traditional black, so you will need to find some other colors if you want to wear this style. Like the pouches, belt clips tend to be a bit lighter than the springs, so they are easier to wear.