Cell Phone Armbands

New Battery Armband For Your Lovestyler

Cell Phone Armbands is an essential part of a cell phone. They come in many different shapes and sizes. There are models with many different applications including a GPS location device, camera, or other things like a flashlight. These devices are very handy to have especially if you're outdoors or even just walking the dog. But which ones are best?

Cell Phone Armbands


Leading Cell Phone Manufacturer: One manufacturer that is really getting the most out of the cell phone armbands market is LifeActiv. LifeActiv offers a wide variety of cell phone armbands as well as a running phone holder. What is great about LifeActiv is that it doesn't cost much to get their product; so if you don't need an armband, you can save a bunch of money. They also offer free shipping to anyone in the continental United States.


I've found a couple of different models from Lifeactivated. The first one is the Newppon 180 which has an armband clip for your cell phone and also includes a built in GPS program that allows the user to set a destination and find their location. The Newppon 180 also does not have a wrist band. If you want an armband, you can also get the Newppon Vapor which does have a wrist band included. It also includes a built in GPS program.


Other companies that offer armband-style cell phone accessories include: New Concepts, Meliomas, and Skip Hop. My personal favorite is Skip Hop because their armband attaches to the back of the phone so there is no clipping involved. The other three companies all have good products as well. Most of these companies have cell-phone specific models. The only real difference between these companies is that New Concepts only makes car dock kits while the other three have every type of cell phone accessory imaginable.


You should be able to find cell phone armband-style armbands for any manufacturer or type of cell phone. If you're having trouble finding what you need, you can go to eBay or other online shopping sources and search for "cell phone armband straps" or "cell phone armband sleeves". As you look through the listings, keep in mind that some companies only sell to the eBay market, so you might have to do a little research on the specific model you want to purchase before making your purchase.


When shopping for cell-phone-specific accessories, you might also want to consider purchasing a lifeactiv armband/sleeve to go along with it. Lifeactiv sells the original Newppon armband/sleeve and the new v-shaped version. For a lot of people, it's kind of hard to buy two separate items to use together. However, with the new v-shape, you can have both an arm band and sleeve to use at the same time. The new version has become even more popular because it can be worn as a cross-body piece.


Most cell-phone users are used to sliding their cell-phones safely between their hands, but you can do much better. This is where the new Lovestyler armband comes in. Made from a soft leather material that goes into your hand, the Lovestyler armband has a clip to hold it snugly in place and a Velcro closure to keep it closed. It's really the best way to ensure that your hands are safe from inadvertently dropping your phones, which could be dangerous.


Finally, for the true cell phone enthusiast, you may want to take a look at the battery armband. The armband attaches to your handheld via a small strap that slips around your shoulder. You then wear it on your lower arm so that it looks like you're wearing a pair of earbuds. This allows you to use your cell phone without having to hold it in your hands, so you can simply turn the headphones on and enjoy your music or talk on the phone without having to worry about holding it in place. These battery armbands are great for people who like to change things up and who want an interesting way to carry their phones.