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How To Choose The Right Dash Cam For Your Car

Dash Cam For Car

If you have a dash cam installed into your car, you are probably quite aware of the benefits of using it. But did you know that you can actually use it while driving and not even be aware of it? It is true! You don't need a direct view of the camera to use it. Even if you have side view mirror installed, it will not give you a full view of what is going on behind you. All you need is your Dash cam and you can drive and be protected.


Dash cams are actually designed to compliment a full windshield for better visibility, but they can be used to offer a full view of the road and what is going on behind you. A dash cam can assist you in safety by helping to prevent you from being involved in accidents, and can also assist in the event that you do become involved in one. Dash cameras work on the same principles as other security measures, in that they record everything that is going on. Dash cams can actually be turned on without having to turn on your car's headlights; this is why they are sometimes referred to as "dumb" cams.


With good dash cam technology, you will get a good image quality, clear pictures, videos, and sound. If you have a good camera, these things will not be a problem. One of the downsides of using a dash cam is that they record at lower resolutions compared to their VLX counterparts. If you do a lot of video recording, or you live in an area with a good signal, the downsides of having good quality recordings will become a problem. The images will start to look pixelated and they will become difficult to watch.


The main thing to consider when buying an affordable dash cam is whether it has the standard features or not. Most dash cams these days come standard with a wide-screen mode, night vision, automatic recording, day and night modes, and USB compatibility. Some models also come standard with infrared illuminators, which allow for night recording in clear areas. A good quality cam will have at least this much.


The higher priced dash cam models may also offer more standard features, but they are not necessarily the best on the market. These include things like auto panning, and auto focus. While these are great additions, if they are included as standard features, they will be largely unnecessary and will really add up to the price.


The biggest drawbacks of having a dash cam for your vehicle would be if you were to forget to turn it on when you were not in the car. In addition, if it has poor picture quality, you will most likely have to purchase another unit or upgrade to a model that does have better picture quality. Another downside to some cameras is that they tend to be large and bulky. They can be difficult to fit in certain vehicles, and some people are allergic to the bright light that they emit.


If you choose to go with a dash cam that does have standard features, you should look for a camera that has night vision. Some dash cams have infrared illuminators, which allow for better night vision. In addition, some dash cams have a built in DVR, which allows you to record the events of the night without needing extra equipment.


For those who plan to use their dash cams in public, you need to choose one that has a very high picture quality. As well, the camera should be very discrete. Some dash cams have dual image sensors, meaning that they can pick up one color of light and switch to another automatically. If you are planning to use your camera in a place where it might be victim to theft or vandalism, you will also want to purchase a camera with a night vision option. These types of features make it possible to record video during the day, but offer very poor picture quality at night.