Car Audio Receivers

A Brief Guide To Car Audio Receivers

Car Audio Receivers

Car audio receivers and amplifiers are an important part of the convenience package, you must have for your car. No matter how carefully you use your stereo, have you ever stopped to consider just how well your car sound system is connected? You may be completely oblivious to just how many components are actually in your car sound system! Your speaker box is actually connected to the head unit by a power connection, the head unit houses the amplifier, tweeters and even subwoofers to produce that all important bass.


There are many types of car audio receivers available to suit different purposes and different styles of cars. In addition to standard double din units there are also Bluetooth units. Bluetooth devices allow you to use Bluetooth headphones or ear buds while you drive and also play audio CDs without the need for a second stereo or AM/FM radio. In this article we will look at some of the different Bluetooth devices available:


Satellite Radio This type of receiver is similar to a satellite radio receiver. A satellite radio typically requires that the car stereo is installed in the vehicle. However, there are a number of car audio receivers which can also function as a satellite radio if they so wish.


Speakers and subwoofers These are usually considering the basic equipment for any car audio receiver. You can select from either component or universal models. Although you will find some new receivers which are designed especially to work with iPod accessories such as speakers and subwoofers, many of the new receivers also support audio sources using auxiliary input devices. Examples of these devices are GPS navigation systems, radio transmitters and even video output devices.


Headphone amplifiers With a variety of manufacturers producing Bluetooth enabled units, it's important to know what kinds of Bluetooth headphones are available and which ones are most suitable for use with your new receiver. Most head units use power supplied by the car battery in order to operate. The quality of sound produced is therefore highly dependent upon the quality of the battery and its charging abilities. The best option therefore is a set which uses a pair of high quality headphones. Some well known brands of Bluetooth headphones include Bose, Sennheiser and Philips.


Subwoofers One of the newest types of receiver to hit the market is the subwoofer. Unlike the old style car stereos, these new types use digital signal processing instead of traditional speaker signals. In addition to that, they also have built in amp controls which allow you to send the signal directly to an amplifier if one is necessary. Most popular brands of subwoofers include Alpine and JL audio.


Dashboard Mirror This accessory has proven to be popular with modern day vehicles. A dashboard mirror is installed in the vehicle's windshield and provides a wide view of the road ahead. Installing an app allows you to view detailed information of the area in front of the vehicle using the GPS function of your phone. It also offers a wide viewing and can be controlled from the touch screen using the Samsung Payload or from your dashboard. This accessory can be used to display real time traffic information on your navigation system.


Multichannel Amplifier The Multichannel Amplifier is designed to handle all your audio sources in your car. This is useful for situations when you need to handle more than one source for listening to music, tuning your radio or even watching your videos. It comes in various sizes to suit different speakers as well as your vehicle. It operates on the same principle as the RMS type of transmitter previously mentioned and is usually found in dashboards. This type of receiver uses the same frequency of signals to allow multiple sources to operate.