Boost Mobile Phones

Boost Mobile Phones

BOOST MOBILE is a mobile wireless telecommunications company currently utilized by two separate wireless companies in Australia and the United States respectively. Boost Mobile was initially founded in2000 by Peter Adderton, an Australian entrepreneur. Since its inception, Boost has been on a steady growth spurt and has expanded into many countries around the globe. In Australia, they are one of the top prepaid wireless providers in that country.


The company's prepaid cell phones offer a variety of plans to suit your individual needs. You can get a single plan for a low price or choose a variety of plans, depending upon what you would like to use the phone for. Here are some of Boost Mobile's features and benefits to help you make a decision as to which prepaid cell phone plan would work best for you.


Data Only plans - If you don't want to have to pay for any extra data plans with Boost Mobile, this plan is perfect for you. This plan gives you unlimited access to talk and data for as long as you have a Boost Mobile cell phone. This includes text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and Internet browsing. There is no additional monthly charge for text messaging or Internet surfing. With this cell phone plan, there is no chance you will run out of data.


Family Only Plans - If you do not need to text or surf the Internet for hours, then this prepaid plan is the one for you. This plan gives you the freedom to only use your Boost Mobile phone for calls and incoming calls. You will not be able to browse the Internet or check your email. This is perfect if you have children who you would like to keep in contact with. By using this cell phone plan, you will be able to know who is calling your children.


International Calls - If you need to call foreign countries, this is the best plan for you. With this plan, you can receive calls anywhere in the world for as little as $5 a day. All you have to do is pay an additional fee. Boost Mobile has one of the best cell phone connections in the world. It also has a great customer service reputation. With this prepaid cell phone, you can talk to people from any part of the world for as long as you like.


Simple Plans - If you need something simple and easy to use, then Boost Mobile has simple prepaid plans just for you. These plans include unlimited text messages and unlimited nationwide calling anytime, anywhere. These plans are great for someone who does not want to have any extra features or complications with their cell phone. All you have to do is pay your bill each month.


Different Plans - There are different Boost Mobile plans that you can choose from. There are combo plans, single plans, family plans, and many other plans that you can choose from. You can even combine your Boost Mobile plan with other plans such as Straight Talk 2-way. Boost Mobile offers phones that come at a great price. You can get a cell phone that has a low per minute rate or a very low per minute rate if you need it.


Boost Mobile phones are great for you if you want to keep in contact with your friends and loved ones. They give you the freedom to take your own Calls while you are on the go. Boost Mobile phones are also great because they make international calling simple and easy. With Boost Mobile phones, you will never miss a call. You can now make International Calls from your computer just like you would with a landline.