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The Benefits of Using Bluetooth Car Kits

You can find Bluetooth car kit designed for just playing music or others that specialize only in making mobile phone calls. Some devices are both, but generally, if you just want it to do just one of those things, you could save some money by going with a music-only kit. Music-themed kits tend to be easier and, therefore, cheaper, while call-oriented kits usually have higher-quality microphones, touch-screen buttons and one-touch keypads...all the stuff we use every day and which, when it breaks, we'd rather not have to replace. If you're interested in more choices and in saving some money, it would be worth your while to read on.


One of the first considerations would be the number of stereo devices that you'd like to connect. These include your head phones, either integrated or external, as well as your audio-only device. If you're going with the music-only option, look for a Bluetooth car kit which enables all of these devices to use the same auxiliary receiver and transmitters. A great bonus here is that most of the popular brands manufacture these units and leave the auxiliary features up to them. So you won't have to pay more for separate units, and you won't have to learn any new codes or protocols.


When selecting your Bluetooth car kit, keep in mind that there's no need to pay extra for Bluetooth wireless technology. Even the highest quality units in this price range will work just fine. If you're looking for cutting edge sound quality, however, you'll likely be looking at units that include both a built-in FM transmitter and a dedicated amplifier/decoder board. These two devices are ideal for transmitting high quality audio, especially if your signal is coming from several different devices (phones, computers, internet radios...etc.). The additional amplifier increases the signal range, allowing you to send audio across long distances.


Some Bluetooth car kits include a built-in FM transmitter, but most of these come with separate FM receivers and transmitters. If you prefer to use hands-free headsets, be sure to check if these are included in the package or if you'll have to purchase them separately. Some hands-free kits contain a microphone that can be used as a hands-free headset. These microphones vary in quality, so be sure to research them before purchasing. Most companies offer a guarantee on their products, so be sure to find out what it covers.


The major advantage to using these Bluetooth car kit devices while driving is safety. Most drivers who use hands-free headsets never feel safer than when they are driving. Many studies have shown that drivers who use these devices are more aware of oncoming traffic, don't misjudge speed, don't text or talk on their cell phones, and don't take chances when driving at night. You should check the instructions manual for each particular device to see what safety features it offers.


A second advantage of using these Bluetooth car kits is the convenience. Instead of having to take your phone or PDA out of your pocket to make telephone calls or take other personal phone calls, which can be distracting, you can use the devices while driving. You can talk, text, and drive simultaneously. Because these devices are smaller than your typical cell phone, it's also much easier to talk on them while driving, as well as performing other tasks.


Some Bluetooth car kits include a built-in GPS receiver. If you want to track your location while driving, this feature can help you. As an example, if you are tracking your child's whereabouts, rather than his actual location, you could use this feature to tell you where he is located. Another benefit to these kits is that they can allow you to make hands free phone calls while driving, and you can even receive phone calls while your hands are free. For example, if you are involved in an accident and need to get some information from a police officer, you could simply answer the call using your hand held devices, rather than raising your mobile phone.


Finally, Bluetooth car kits can be used to prevent missing phone calls. By allowing you to make phone calls hands-free, many people are preventing missing phone calls by not carrying their cell phone. In addition, these devices allow you to look up the contact information of someone who has called you without using their phone. They can also be used as a failsafe to protect your vehicle from rogue drivers who might think it is okay to pick up your phone calls instead of giving you their number. Many people don't carry their cell phones when they drive, but by using these kits you can allow other drivers to know your exact whereabouts.