Car Phone Holder

How to Choose the Right Car Phone Holder

A car phone holder is designed mainly to hold your mobile device securely in the best possible position whilst driving. They tend to attach to your windscreen, or either have a rubber suction cup for attaching directly to the windscreen, or are slip-on. A snap-on mount tends to be straightforward to take on and off with no hassle and blends nicely into your dashboard with ease, whereas a suction pad would probably annoy those people who do not like... well... anything which is aluminium! However, if you are looking for something a little more stylish and a lot more concealable then consider the many options available on the market now.

Car Phone Holder


The type of car phone holder that you choose will depend largely on the make and model of your vehicle as well as where you intend to mount it. If you are looking for a mount that is both secure and unobtrusive then you could choose a clip-on style holder that clips onto the dash. These are usually made out of strong and tough stainless steel or aluminium. Suction pads on the other hand, are great for those drivers who prefer their device free of excess baggage. You can discreetly place your smartphone on the dash and have it secured until you need to use it, with the case completely hidden from sight.


If you want to choose a secure holder that is unobtrusive and blends into your vehicle's interior, then you could opt for a suction mount. This type of holder allows you to mount your mobile phone without it becoming apparent that it is resting on the dash. Instead, it is disguised within the dash itself. Suction pads generally come complete with a soft case that fits easily and neatly under the dash. A good quality suction pad will fit snugly against the dashboard and prevent any slipping or dislodging, especially if you are in a hurry whilst driving.


One of the most common types of car phone holder is the magnet holder. They are often used by those who like to use their devices whilst they are stuck to the dashboard. However, there are also a number of reasons why suction cups may not be the best choice. If you are using your mobile whilst you are stuck to the dashboard, then you are likely to be working on your handset for a long time, so it is important that you can easily reach the buttons. Not only that, but it may also be difficult to find your way out of the vehicle!


There are several manufacturers who produce a range of holders, including the popular Walkera car phone holder. Some of these come with built-in suction cups that are perfect for those on the go. Others are made from high-quality plastic and are more suitable for those who need to keep their device secure whilst they drive. A Walkera AirVent Mount is a good example of this type of holder. Made from heavy duty plastic, this holder provides a secure platform for your mobile device whether you are driving or travelling.


The other type of holder for your car phone is the swivel phone mount, which is similar to the holder described above. However, the swivel is different, as it can be adjusted for either left or right hand use! This is an excellent choice if you often use your left hand to make calls or want the ability to adjust the orientation of the device when taking a call.


The last type of holder we will discuss are the suction cup car phone mounts. These are one of the easiest devices to install and the best car phone holders because they are very simple to remove once the call is finished. Most people tend to remove their devices during their daily commute to work, so having a holder that can easily be removed will save you time and ensure that you always have access to your phone. These mounts are also available in a wide variety of colors, which makes them ideal for those who prefer to match their holders to their vehicle. Some even come with suction cups that can be used to securely grip the device on the dashboard.


As mentioned earlier, there are two main types of car phone holder available. The first is a fixed loncaster mount; this type of holder requires a compatible loncaster plug-in for your vehicle's battery to be attached to. As the name suggests, a loncaster mount allows you to place your phone on its side and ensures that you will not be accidentally knocking it off if you are using the device while driving. To secure your device, simply place your phone down and screw the loncaster attachment into place. The advantage of this type of holder is that the phone will remain secure, and you can use a compatible charger whilst it is fitted to your vehicle. The disadvantage is that this type of attachment can be somewhat bulky, so may not be suitable for those travelling on foot.