Agptek Smart Watch

High Quality and Stylish Agptek Smart Watch

Agptek Smart Watch

Agptek Smart Watch is one of the newest entrants in the smart watch market. It is not really a watch but more of a health and fitness tracking system. The idea is very simple: take your pulse rate, your heart rate recorded by the watch's sensor, and use the same information to calculate your target heart rate target and calories burning. This is achieved through a couple of different features which make this watch stand out among its rivals.


Fitness Tracker & App. Just like other sports watches, the smart agate smart watch comes with a built-in GPS chip and comes pre-loaded with Google Maps. Its round, full touch screen with elegant, sophisticated watch face, adds the more comfortable and accurate viewing experience to its sophisticated, attractive design.


Standby Time. If you are in a place without wireless connectivity, then you won't be able to track your exercise session or any other activity that you might be doing. You can however set the smart watch to monitor the standby time for up to 30 days without the need for any additional wireless connection. If you want to extend its lifespan, then you can connect it to an existing wireless network or to a cell phone via the Bluetooth.


You and Android Connectivity. The Agptek smart watch can be used with both iOS and Android Smartphones. With the iOS and Android apps installed on the phone, the watch can also be used as a monitor of your pulse rates, workouts, and other fitness activities recorded by the phone. The same is true with the Android phones. If you have the Android app installed on your phone, then you can use the same fitness tracking features that you can view from the watch.


Sizing and Design. Just like most other fitness gadgets today, the Agptek smart watch has a stylish design. The round screen is not too big nor too small for your palm. The strap is also very comfortable and snug so that you will not have difficulty wearing it all day long.


Waterproof feature. Compared to many other fitness gadgets, the Agptek smart watch comes with a water-resistant feature. Its silicone strap is also not prone to absorbing water. Therefore, you can use this watch strap during workouts even when you are in a pool or any other wet environments.


Lithium-Ionic Battery. Unlike some other fitness devices, the Agptek smart watch has a lithium-ion battery. This kind of battery has longer charging time. This means that your fitness goals will be accomplished even more quickly. This is because your device will have sufficient power even when you are working out and need to monitor your heart rate.


Record Beautiful Moments. The workout data collected by your Agptek smart watch will be recorded beautifully in its TPU Silicone Strap. This strap will ensure that every recording will be crystal clear. You can also upload your recordings to your smart phone or PC to share them with family and friends. Other features of this fantastic fitness gadget are the workout data recording and the photo album. With these, you will know that your workout records are indeed amazing!


Pedometer. Your pedometer can also be used as a touch screen. However, this is not an option with the standard Agptek Smart Watch. Instead, this watch has a touch sensitive display which can be responsive to finger pressure. If you want to know your speed in running, biking, walking or swimming, then this watch is definitely a good choice. This pedometer is equipped with a barcode scanner, so you will know how many miles you covered during your workout.


Automatic Sleep Tracking. As I mentioned earlier, this watch has the innovative TPU Silicone Strap that will keep your heart rate inside the device while you are sleeping. If you are sleeping, then this TPU silicone strap will be perfectly comfortable and it will allow your heart rate to remain at an accurate and effective rate. If you are still awake, then the fitness app on your smartphone and find the calorie burning calculator facility in your watch.


In conclusion, Agptek smart watch is a very useful and stylish pedometer and sleep monitoring device that can be used by individuals of all ages. It has the most advanced technology with regards to its touch-screen interface. Also, if you need to run errands and still be informed of your speed by way of your mobile phone, then you won't have any problems with the calorie counting facility provided in the Agptek Smart Watch. So, if you need something compact and lightweight that will perform better and provide accurate and effective heart rate monitoring, then the Agptek Smart Watch is just perfect for you.